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works together with POMONA and with

different healthcare providers.

This is based on the conviction that together we offer an extra service!

natuurlijke cosmetica


POMONA in the heart of Bussum has existed since the 1930s and is a family business. Ewald Klip, has taken over the helm from his parents since 1991. Under his leadership, POMONA has grown into the health store for vitamins, nutrition and natural cosmetics. A household name in 't Gooi and far beyond. Some clients have been coming to POMONA for advice for 60 years!


Marieke of HEALTHY DAYS and Ewald have been sharing their knowledge and passion for health for many years. POMONA stands for personal advice and the best quality in natural health products. It fits in seamlessly with the philosophy of HEALTHY DAYS.  


Hence the initiative to join forces and offer a monthly practice day of orthomolecular therapy in Bussum. For HEALTHY DAYS a special opportunity to help you as a customer of POMONA  with your health questions and complaints.  


The announcement will appear in the newsletter and on the POMONA website when there is a HEALTHY DAYS practise day.
You can book a 30 minutes consultation or an extensive 60 minutes consultation.



Several factors play a role in virtually all 'prosperity diseases'. Orthomolecular therapy is additional or so-called complementary care that exists alongside regular medicine. Communication and knowing each other is therefore important. Also because some medication and supplements may influence the effectiveness or because improvements in nutrition and lifestyle may lead to a reduced need for medication. 

Collaboration, transparency and open communication lead to better results.


For certain (more serious) complaints, I may ask you to contact your general practitioner or specialist.

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