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I have converted my interest in vitality and health into action. Initially through personal experience. Years ago I felt tired, had stomach and intestine problems and slept badly. I no longer recognized myself and went looking! This became a 'journey' where I discovered that my body, with the right support is very  capable in finding and creating a healthy balance.


I discovered the importance of 'real' nutrition, healthy exercise and reducing stress. Using supplements I regained a balance by supplementing accumulated deficiencies.

I surprised myself at the results I got

with often simple adjustments.  

I had an abundance of energy again and thought: more people should know about this! Inspired by the possibilities, I enlisted in various courses. I have been a recognized Orthomolecular Epigenetic Therapist since 2017 and have also completed a solid higher education on medical knowledge. Of course I keep learning! At the moment I’m  training to become an Electro Acupuncture.


By choosing my practice HEALTHY DAYS , I am fulfilling my passion: Helping people with Healthy Aging so that they too can regain their vitality and health. 

Bladeren schaduw


Nearly sixty I feel healthy and full of energy! 

I am convinced that you too can feel healthy and vital at any age. In my practice HEALTHY DAYS, I am happy to contribute to this!

Since 2017 I work as an orthomolecular therapist who focuses on solving blockages in the functioning of the body. Most of us know very little about this! It is my passion to help you, step by step, to find a healthy balance. I therefore immerse myself in your story with attention and thorough analysis. To create and keep a balance, I offer you insights and practical tips! 


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What to expect from a
orthomolecular epigenetic therapist?

As an orthomolecular therapist, I look at the mechanisms and communication between organs and cells and the necessary building materials (vitamins, minerals and other nutrients) that are needed. Natural and environmental factors play a major role as well. I often hear 'It's in my genes' when it comes to how much influence you have on your health. And indeed, you might have those genes, but whether or not something is expressed often has to do with environmental factors. And on this we can have influence! Just think of nutrition, exercise or sports, your emotions around certain matters or stress. 

Orthomoleculair Therapeut
Bladeren schaduw
“I believe that your body, with a little help, can find a healthy balance itself! With healthy aging and choosing for yourself you feel vital again en you get the best out of your health. This is my drive for HEALTHY DAYS. 
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