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You want to feel fit! Even for vague complaints where

there is no identifiable cause or diagnosis.

Energetic disturbances can be measured with bioresonance.

After all, every part of the body, organ or cell has its own frequency. This also applies to viruses, bacteria, fungi, and so on. An energy measurement test is therefore recommended for tracing the causes of complaints and uncovering nutrient deficiencies.


For this test, I take a small amount of blood with a finger prick. Oral mucus is also available for a somewhat more limited analysis.  
An EMB test is to complement the overall image . It d
oesn't replace a regular blood test. The results of this test provide a more coherent insight and are of added value in my practice!
The result has three angles:  


  1. Basic hematology (including insight into anemia, immune system)

  2. Microscopic blood test (including insight into vitamin B11 and B12 deficiency, your fatty acid balance, lifestyle assessment)

  3. Energy measurement (insight into the status of vitamins, minerals, intestinal balance, pathogens, food intolerances and more)


This test costs € 185 and is unfortunately not reimbursed by your health insurance.


I also work with tests from several renowned laboratories:

  • Fatty acid profile (omega 3 balance)

  • Vitamin D status

  • Bowel examination

  • Testing of intolerances

  • Stress profile(cortisol)

  • Hormone profile

  • Oxidative stress


More can be investigated, such as your DNA. We can explore the possibilities together.

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